Sacromonte Caves

In this unique neighborhood, which features the spectacular caves of Granada, you can enjoy, for example, its private homes: Sacromonte runs along the northern slope of the Valparaíso Valley, north of the Darro River. Its famous slopes give rise to a most interesting, unique topography.

The views from Sacromonte are unforgettable. Because it offers one of the highest points from which to gaze out over the Alhambra, the streets of this small neighborhood have all become improvised scenic viewpoints.

The best flamenco in Sacromonte

This neighborhood is, of course, one of the most significant cradles of flamenco in all of Andalusia. And one of the most intense and authentic flamenco festivals originated right here, in Sacromonte. This is the Zambra, which is celebrated in the caves of Sacromonte.

Zambra, flamenco brimming with passion

The zambra is understood, traditionally, to have evolved from Moorish dances and is replete with flamenco influences. The resulting artistic dance form is performed in certain caves and has become, in fact, one of the main tourist attractions in Andalusia.

Our caves feature a balanced blend of tradition and cutting-edge and are fitted out with top-notch equipment. Their architecture is based on an ecological design, and they can accommodate from 2 to 4 persons. That's right: while they preserve their traditional architecture, they include every modern convenience.

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