When a person from Granada looks for a way to illustrate just how beautiful the city is, he or she will immediately refer to the Albayzin and the Sacromonte.

You are sure to fall in love with the neighborhood

Albayzin stretches from the highest part of the hilltop of San Miguel to Calle Elvira. What perhaps can be considered one of its fundamental aspects is the mix of cultures that, even today, are well reflected on its streets. The people of Albayzin represent a multitude of nationalities.

There are several museums in the area - located quite near our complex - which are ideal for those who wish to learn more about the history of our city. To highlight just a few:

The staff at Apartamentos Montesclaros are happy to advise you on how best to access these sites, so that you don't spend more than you have to, and providing you with information regarding the most direct transport lines, so you don't lose time either. Remember, we are prepared and happy to answer any questions you may have.

The best scenic viewpoints in Albayzin

The Mirador (scenic viewpoint) of San Nicolás, may be the most popular, but it is not the only one. There are more: just click on each one of the following Google Maps links for their precise locations.

  • • El mirador de San Nicolás, quizás el más popular de Granada, no es el único. Hay más, muchos de ellos alejados de las grandes masas de gente.
  • • Scenic Viewpoint 'de la Plaza de Carvajales'
  • • Santa Isabel La Real
  • • San Miguel Alto.
  • • Scenic Viewpoint 'de San Cristobal'
  • • Fuente del Avellano.
  • • Scenic Viewpoint 'de la Lona'

The best restaurants in Albayzin

According to Tripadvisor, among the ten best restaurants in Granada are: the 'Jardines de Zoraya' restaurant, the 'Aben Humeya' or the 'Estrella de San Nicolás'. Once again, please ask us: we can help you learn more about each one.

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